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Those who buy Anadrol most commonly do so for the purpose of adding size and strength as this is the steroids primary design. Not only does the Oxymetholone hormone that is Anadrol provide massive gains in strength and size it does so in rapid time; faster than most anabolic steroids. In most cases those who buy Anadrol will do so for the beginning of an anabolic steroid cycle as a means of kick starting the cycle allowing the hormone to perform as the rest of the steroids buildup in the body. Of course this steroid can be used in cutting cycles too; the hormone is very popular in competitive bodybuilding contest prep cycles at the end of preparations in-order to aid in filling out. While this cutting cycle use can be very beneficial it remains most buy Anadrol for their bulking and off-season needs and rarely will you find anyone who is disappointed.

Where to Buy Anadrol:

If you want to buy Anadrol and you live in the United States, to make a legal purchase you are going to need a prescription. By law, in the U.S. all anabolic steroids are classified as Schedule III controlled substances and any purchase or possession without a valid medical prescription is a severe legal offence. Yes, to answer your next question you can legally buy Anadrol in the United States, you can obtain a prescription but you will need to possess some medical need.

If a prescription is not an option and for the vast majority it is not, the only way you’ll be able to buy Anadrol is on the black market; it is a risk and while it is a risk we cannot advise you to take it is one many take regardless. When you buy Anadrol on the black market you will always have a concern revolving around the quality of the product; many suppliers sell under-dosed products, contaminated products and even outright fake products. While this remains true, while there are numerous poor quality anabolic steroid suppliers there are more than a few quality avenues and suppliers that produce top notch hormones. You may have to do a little leg work and you will have to be willing to take a pretty big risk but none the less these avenues do exist.


Those who buy Anadrol from a reputable outlet will find the price can vary quite a bit. Typically 50mg tablets will fall in the $2-$3 per tablet range; you may even have to pay as much as $200 for 50 tablets in some cases but if you’re patient you should be able to get a bottle for $100-$150. While this may seem a little expensive, when you think about what the hormone can do it’s really a very good dollar to benefit value. Of course when you buy Anadrol you’re going to want to purchase other anabolic steroids as well; most commonly testosterone. It is highly recommended you supplement with testosterone anytime you supplement with Anadrol, for if you don’t your body will not possess the testosterone it needs to perform properly.

The Bottom Line:

Before you buy Anadrol or any anabolic steroid it is imperative you educate yourself on the hormones functions both good and bad. Remember, when you’re supplementing with anabolic steroids you’re putting hormones into your body and the last thing you want to do is to cause harm. You can absolutely buy Anadrol and supplement both safely and effectively but to do so you’re going to have to educate yourself on all the ins and outs. If you supplement properly you can reap all the rewards held within and do so without falling prey to a single negative effect; but if you throw all caution to the wind and supplement with reckless abandonment you may indeed be in for a rude awakening.