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When it comes to anabolic steroids and the information obtained there is often more myth and legend than truth; after all, the subject has been so demonized by so many for so long even educated discussion is often frowned upon, much less rational. Those who use anabolic steroids are often portrayed as villains and even downright evil by the anti-steroid crowd; it’s no wonder so much misinformation exists when so much of what is reported is an outright lie.

With good information existing and a vast array of half-truths and outright lies it’s often hard to know where to begin and if there were ever a prime example it would be in regards to those who buy steroids online. Forget about the arguments for or against steroid use for the time being for if we don’t understand basic purchasing concepts the other arguments really don’t matter.

Part of the truth regarding anabolic steroids is many buy steroids online; no, contrary to popular belief athletes are not purchasing anabolic steroids from pushers on the street; the anabolic steroid world does not look like a scene from the movie “American Gangster” although if you listen to congress that’s exactly what you’ll be told. Pushers, pimps and hoes are not a part of the game; dirty needles, children left starving in the gutter, junkies begging for a piece by any means necessary; this doesn’t exist. The truth remains, most who buy steroids buy steroids online and most who do are regular guys just like you; men with jobs, families, men you see grocery store, at church, at ball games, and of course at the gym.

As internet anabolic steroid purchase is more than common place so are the myths and legends regarding its practice and what’s amazing is that many of these often outright lies can be found on pro-steroid message boards and websites. You’d expect to find misinformation such as this on a congressional sponsored page or a page of one of the paid off doctors in their employment but not by pro-steroid individuals. Nevertheless, because it remains a world in obscurity due to the nature of its existence, in constant confusion it remains.

We have taken some of the most common misconceptions off of some of the most popular message boards that deal in the discussion of anabolic steroids and online internet purchases and left you with the truth. While you’ll find there will still be much more to learn hopefully here you’ll find a good starting point and erase some of the incorrect information you have in your mind.


If you buy steroids online you’re at less risk than if you do it in person because no money actually changes hands.


This one is hard to believe but what’s even harder to believe is that we found it on more than one message board; in-fact it’s on several and has been said and re-said over and over for years. Granted, many veterans of the game understand how ridiculous this statement is; in-fact most any veteran worth his weight would, yet the statement still pops up regularly. The truth, it doesn’t matter if money exchanges hands directly; if you buy steroids online or from a guy at the gym the same laws apply in-terms of possession. However, when you buy steroids online the water can get a little murkier when you consider international suppliers, state lines and postal regulations. With all of that considered it can actually get much worse in-terms of fines and penalties when an internet purchase is made.


When you buy steroids online you should always order from sources that are not breaking the law in their own country.


Again, like the first one any veterans know how ridiculous this is but as a newbie how are you to know; after all, on the surface it sounds pretty good. The truth is however very simple; if you buy steroids online from any country and bring them into your country without a prescription, regardless of where they came from you’re breaking the law.


You should only buy steroids online from sources that are approved by the moderators of various steroid boards.


There is a little bit of truth to this one but on the whole it is for the most part nothing short of a lie and often started by the moderators themselves. The problem is simple; most of these moderators have been paid off in either cash, free gear or both. They’ll tell the world, “Get your steroids from XYZ” but XYZ sells garbage; sure, XYZ may give some of the Mod’s as their known some legit gear but not you. Message boards such as these can be a very valuable tool and when you buy steroids online you should search them out but understand the truth; most are as worthwhile as most sources and that’s worth very little. Search long and hard and search out the ones without corruption, without paid off Mod’s and in the end you’ll find yourself in a much better educated position.