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For years Lasix have been used in competitive sports; most notably competitive bodybuilding. With a very high potency rating and an effectiveness that is nearly unmatched Lasix have the ability to shed water from the body at a high and rapid rate leaving nothing but a dry and hard physique ready for presentation. While this is one seriously powerful diuretic it also carries with it some serious problems and these problems can occur even when low doses are administered.

While competitive bodybuilding will prove to be the most prominent field in-which Lasix is used some athletes in other fields will use them as well, although far less common. When an athlete needs to drop weight quickly the use of Lasix can aid in achieving this end so that they may compete in a lower weight class if desired. Make no mistake, Lasix will not shed body-fat; we’re simply talking about water and water weight.

From the drug known as Furosemide, Lasix as it is more commonly known was developed to treat conditions revolving around severe edema but like so many drugs other purposes have been found. As edema refers to an excess buildup of fluid and Lasix can help remove the fluid, use in competition holds the same principles. When we administer the medication we will find ourselves making a multitude of trips to the bathroom as we excrete fluid at a rapid rate. Regardless of the form we use, as this medication comes in both oral and injectable forms the process and mode of action is the same and will last approximately 4 hours after one single dose.

There’s no doubt about it at all, when it comes to flushing fluid out of the body Lasix is king but it not only flushes fluid but sodium and potassium as well. This effect can be devastating for a physique in both appearance and performance applications as an electrolyte imbalance can cause a host of problems. When our electrolytes become so imbalanced severe cramping can occur like you’ve never experienced before. Further, as this medication is draining on the body our physique can appear very flat and stringy and for a competitive bodybuilder this is a disaster. For these reasons many competitors will choose potassium sparing diuretics; they may not be as powerful in such a rapid sense but the same desired benefits can be obtained without the nasty effects.

While Lasix use does carry with it negative effects we can minimize them and use Lasix with positive results if we use them responsibly and properly. If you opt for this diuretic form you will only need to do so for a very short period of time. Many competitors get into trouble by using too much for too long; often they assume they’re holding a lot of water when in truth they’re simply not lean enough and start pouring Lasix down their throat and this is nothing but horrific. Proper protocol will normally be beginning use the day before competition at a very low dose, generally 20mg 2-3 times before a competition starting 24hrs before competition will be the most anyone ever needs. Further, when we use Lasix it is imperative we supplement with a good potassium chloride supplement but we will only want to take the RDA amount listed on the bottle as too much will bring about the possibility of cardiac arrest. Further, those who begin cutting water too early will find themselves in trouble; most will only need to cut their water consumption back slightly the day before and stop all water consumption the night before the show. Keep in mind, some water is needed to effectively carb-up but we must also not discount the advent of severe dehydration. With short Lasix use while following the advice above you can avoid these problems.