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Low testosterone is a conditioned suffered by millions of men and while remedy is readily available the vast majority does little to nothing about it. In some cases it could be laziness but in most it’s simply a lack of education; when you don’t know or understand something the simplest thing in the world can be akin to trying to understand the most complicated aspects of human thought. Even so, while many men remain in the dark increasingly many more are coming into the light so to speak and doing something about their low testosterone problem; after all, it is a condition no man has to live with and once remedied the normal statement is “why didn’t I do this sooner?”

As education has begun to increase so have the myths and lies that surround it, as the only true treatment for low testosterone is anabolic steroids; this should come as no surprise. Many men are so afraid of anabolic steroids they’ll do anything to avoid them even if it means convincing themselves of half-truths; as the old saying goes, it’s not a lie if you believe it but unfortunately it simply doesn’t work this way. In truth, to understand low testosterone and the treatment involved you need to understand anabolic steroids and when you understand them you’ll understand they are not medications in the common sense of the word but rather synthetic hormones identical to the ones you already produce; however, as you now suffer from low testosterone you now produce far less.

Low testosterone can affect a man negatively in a host of ways from ruining his physique, draining his energy, destroying his sexual performance or even desire to a host of other mental and physical problems. Many men often attribute this to age but it doesn’t have to be this way and in-fact, man was not intended to fall into this state; much of it is often brought on by us. While this remains true and taking care of one’s self will aid in keeping testosterone levels adequate many times that is not enough. There are things you can do to aid in remedy in a natural sense but if you truly suffer from low testosterone actual testosterone therapy is going to be the only course of true action.

We have taken some of the most common myths revolving around low testosterone and the treatment thereof and left you with only the truth. While you find there is still much more to learn hopefully you’ll find this to be a good starting point. Each and every myth discussed is taken right from some of the most popular message boards that deal in such discussion but it is here we will put some of these myths to rest.


If you suffer from true low testosterone brought on simply by age you can remedy the problem with diet and exercise.


It is true, exercise can increase testosterone levels and some foods have been shown to do the same; foods such as eggs and red meat are two very good foods for aiding in such a cause but the increase in testosterone from diet and exercise is so miniscule that for an individual suffering from low testosterone it’s hardly worth mentioning. If you suffer from low testosterone and desire a remedy the only remedy that will aid in your cause is true testosterone therapy.


Once you begin testosterone therapy and your levels return to normal you will eventually be able to discontinue therapy and remain at a stable level.


If you suffer from true low testosterone you will always suffer from low testosterone; if you are over the age of 40 this is guaranteed and in many cases those over 30 years of age will find the same to be true. However, while continuous lifelong therapy sounds very annoying isn’t it better than low testosterone; of course it is. Now there is an exception to this rule; an individual who has brought low testosterone upon himself due to years of anabolic steroid use may be able to stimulate natural testosterone production again to an adequate level and discontinue therapy once this is achieved; however, while possible it is unlikely. Any individual over the age of 40 will never be able to accomplish this and even a younger individual will have a very difficult time.


Low testosterone treatment plans are all the same as the hormone in each is simply that of testosterone.


Testosterone therapy can occur in many forms, from injectable and transdermal creams and patches and even subcutaneous pellets implanted under the skin. In the end it is true, with each form of therapy you are receiving the same testosterone hormone but the efficiency and effectiveness of each form varies greatly. Without question injectable testosterone is the most efficient and effective form of testosterone therapy, as through injections the needed testosterone is placed directly into the blood. While transdermal medications will absorb into the blood many men find difficulty in achieving proper levels with this form making it the least desirable of the four. If injections are not an option for whatever reason testosterone implant pellets are a fine choice and often all the testosterone an individual will need.